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    Fiat Plant

    In the process of locating and purchasing surplus power plant equipment, Genassis, Inc. frequently becomes aware of entire plants or portions of thereof which are for sale.  We are also asked from time to time to assist and broker manufacturing and power generation plants. This may entail the sale of the entire plant as a single unit or the liquidation of specific plant components. Examples of these components include: cranes, diesel generator sets, turbines, boilers, tanks and process equipment.

    For Sale:

    - 75MW GE condensing Steam Turbine Generator Set (504)

    - General Electric steam turbine generator unit with inlet steam conditions of 1450 PSIG at 1000F, and a 3.5 Hg exhaust pressure. The 3600 RPM unit is connected to a 96,000 KVA (4016/866 amp) 13.8 kV, 3 Phase 60Hz Generator. decommissioned in 2004. (504)

    - 25 MW WESTINGHOUSE condensing steam turbine generator, no condenser mfr 1972; Turbine rated 850# @ 900F; Generator rated 13.8kV - 60HZ (504)

    - 66MW GE Condensing Steam Turbine Generator Set mfr 1991 Turbine rated 850# @ 825F; Generator rated 13.8 KV @ 60Hz (504)

    - 3 ea New GE Frame 9-E 132 mw Dual Fuel; 30 million ( Euros ea) (111)

    - 25 MW P&W Low hours; Dual fuel; Dual Freq; $14 million (111)


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