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Genassis, Inc.'s transmission & distribution equipment includes air circuit breakers/cubicles, disconnect and safety switches, insulators, fuses, protective relays, inverters, motor control centers, uninterruptable power supplies, wire, cable and generators. Genassis will make every effort to modify instruments, if necessary, to accommodate your frequency and voltage requirements.

Genassis, Inc. has surplus protective relays in stock which permits us to respond immediately to customer requests. All major manufacturers are represented. Parts, including contractors, cases, coils, etc. are also available. As with everything Genassis, Inc. sells, availability of specific items is dependent upon prior sale.


Cycledyne 21-019-5 diodes (new # 18-02137); unused; 12 available. (Photo)

Three ABB 145KV wall bushingsDrawing.

Protective Relay Training/Test Panel.  This panel was constructed to provide training on testing relays.  Different types of relay cases are installed in a vertical panel and test points are brought out to banana plugs on the front.  Now the instructor or shop technician can install a relay into the appropriate case.  The trainee is exposed to realistic scenarios by working with the relays in the vertical panel versus horizontally on a bench.  Faults are created by toggle switches on the back of the cabinet.  A less expensive alternative would be to insert faulty components into the relays.  The panel can be supplied with just the cases or the cases w/relays provided.  Photos (With faults - cases only 1, 2, 3, 4) (Without faults with cases and relays 1, 2, 3, 4)

UNUSED Transformers (4). Cat. # 9T51B0193, dry type, Type QB 3kVA, Input: 277V, Output: 120/240V, 1PH, 60Hz, Isolated, (2) 5% Taps below rated primary volts, Wiring diagram #2, CU coil, 9.38in x 6.72in x 11.12in, 60 lbs.; UL/C-UL Listed

Siemens Allis TYPE QA -36 with LBS-SE2 load break switch.  Operator catalog number 18-1890-01; 18-1890-06; rated for 2.4 KV to 13.8KV.  These units have 2 keyed interlocks a removable racking handle and two windows from which one may observe the process once completed. (Photos 1, 2) (8201)

Transformer Bushings (4)
. oil impregnated paper, condenser bushing for direct connection of transformer to gas insulated SF-6 switchgear; 8 hole flange; bushing pressure sensor.  Dwg. # HAEFELY 450-085 & 4-450-025.  Type SOT 1050-2000; Size length 3114mm-122.5 inches; Amps: 2000 KV 34.5 KV max, 220KV ph-grd.

Allen Bradley CenterLine Motor Control Center series L.  Allen Bradley Line Reactors 600VAC Input(224(300)); Cat# 1321-3R320B; pn 162750; .075 MH; 320 amps; ITH=480A; 200-18; 3 Phase Reactor; 600V Max 50/60Mz.

Cabinet 1: QTY 3 - 3 Phase Reactor, 600v, AB, 50/60Hz, 320 amps; M/N: RL-32002; CAT# : 1321-3R320-B; pn :162750; MH: .075.

Set of three UNUSED control panels for 400 megawatt generator. (Photos 1, 2) (705)

One UNUSED power pack capable of operating 21 Fisher actuators. (Photo) (705)

Three UNUSED Teledyne Pressure Relief Valves. Type: 45QA22/SP; Set Press: 20 psig; Cold Diff. Test Press.: 20 PSIG; Size and orifice: 608; Capacity at 10% over pressure: 19870 lbs/hour Saturated Steam. (Photo) (705)

Two UNUSED Spencer Gas Boosters. Model # G-2015-MAD; 15 HP; 3500 RPM; 669 CFM; Diff. Pressure: 2.5HG; Inlet Temperature 147.5 F; Inlet pressure 11.1 P.S.I.A. (Photo) (705)

UNUSED LaMarche Inverter A51E-4K-120V-A6. Output: 120VAC; Input 120VDC; 44 DC amps full load; 10 DC amps no load; Continuous load rating 4KVA.   Will supply parts i.e. quartz crystal oscillator panel; surge gate DV / DT panel assembly; over-under voltage protection assembly; optional line sync. / oscillator assembly (Photo)(Manual)

UNUSED Limitorque SMC-1 operator.  (Photos 1, 2)

ITE 5HK350, 1200 amp Ground & Test Devices with line and load stabs.  Manually operated.  (Photos 1, 2, 3)

2000 HP Electrical Machinery Squirrel Cage Induction Motor. 4000 V., 3 phase 60 hz., Continuous Duty, 1185 full load rpm, 250 amp., 5523-V frame, 1.15 service factor.  Included is a McGraw Edison Magnetic Drive; input 1185, full load 1825.  (Photo) (105)

1000 KVA transformer; Square D dry-type indoor, rated 480 V /120-208 V.; used, removed and in storage.  (205)

G.E. Ground Test Device
.We can build/supply ground test devices to your specifications. (Photo 1, 2, 3)

Lamarche Invertavolt Model A51E-4k-120V-A6 inverters. Qty. 7; including Lamarche static transfer switch AC34-1-2.  Respond via e-mail for additional information.  

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