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The Instrumentation and Control inventory contains many items which are no longer manufactured but are still in demand in power plants and the process industry. The instrumentation inventory includes measuring instruments, controllers, panels, switches, meters, transmitters and more.

Some of the U.S. manufacturers represented include: Foxboro, Woodward, Yarway, Ashcroft, Fisher, ITT Barton, Bailey, Rosemount, General Electric and Westinghouse. We also have a huge inventory of Westinghouse 7300 cards, power supplies and cabinets.


[Bentley Nevada Monitor]

[Bentley Nevada Data Manager]

Bentley Nevada Instrumentation Click here

Westinghouse Control Rod Drive cards 1048F56G01; 1048F56G02; 1048F56G03; 1048FG04. Check the Westinghous Inventory for details.

NUMAC EL display; Sharp board J512U21 for use with 228B2506G004 display card only; improved optical filter. (Photo)

NUMAC Universal display 223D6445G002. (1, 2, 3)

Analog Trip Unit 145D8505G007. (1, 2)

ARM Power Supply 112C2235G1. Refurbished 2009. Mod done so adjustments could be made without removing the cover. Photos (1, 2, 3).

Bentley Nevada Series 3500 barrier proximitor I/O module 135489-01.  Description. Photo.

Eight Unused GEMAC Square Root Converters added to I&C Inventory.

Woodward control components: For component listing Click here. (930b)

G.E. IRM Drawer 194X672G013. (Photos 1, 2)

GE MARK 3 control system cabinet and components.  
For component listing Click here.

Two Used but functional Hach 5000 Hydrazine analyzers.
For additional information.

General Electric Voltage Preamplifier 112C2218G001.  Excellent condition. Functional when removed from service.

General Electric Power Supplies 112C2220G003, G004 and G008. Excellent condition. Functional when removed from service.

Westinghouse 2838A35G014NFD5 7300 Circuit Cards.
  Excellent condition. Limited number added to Stock.

GEMAC 50-555111BBA4WBG DP controllers.
2000PSI working pressure; 0-60" H20; 10-50 ma out.  Anderson Manifold.  Very good condition.

Recently Received ROSEMOUNT

QTY 1 Vortex Flowmeter
P/N 8800F060SA1N1D1E5M5
 6, 150#, SS, K Factor - 1.3664
Wetted Materials: CF-3M / 316L
QTY 4 Calibration Unit
P/N 710DU0CL

QTY 3 Slave Trip Units
P/N 710AU0TS

QTY 1 Vortex Flowmeter
8, 150# SS

QTY 4 Mag Meter
Model 8701TPA005C3

QTY 1 Vortex Flowmeter
8, 150#, SS

QTY 2 Slave Trip Units
P/N 510DU7A14

[Numac Drawer]

NUMAC SRM 304A3710G002  

Non-NUMAC SRM 368X101BBG004 (Photo)

Non-NUMAC WRM 368X102BBG004 (Photo)

Available parts/boards for both NUMAC SRM and NUMAC WRM/MSV-IRM Drawer 304A3711G002 (Click here)


numac test box

The test box mimics a control panel, the lights show relay status and the meters monitor analog outputs. To use it the drawers are powered up and a test signal is injected to the input jack. These drawers all have a test mode and calibrate mode that is done from the front keypad.
(Drawers not included)


[WH feedwater cabinet]

Westinghouse 58"H x 24"D x 24"W EHC Cabinet
Includes 1 REL board, 3 TRK boards, 2 SA-LP boards,
1 Lambda power supply LXD-D-152-R-4827
(Note: other Lambda power supply sold)

[EHC Cabinet]

GE Mark I EHC/TSI System with Upgrades.
Click here to download the GE Mark I EHC/TSI Instrumentation file.
Size: 24 kb

[Voltage Preamplifier]

GE Voltage Preamplifier pn 112C2218G001



[recorder] [shelving] [spec200ps]


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