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Our mechanical equipment  inventory consists of a wide variety of pumps, turbines, valves, motors and compressors. Spare parts for this equipment are also available. The U.S. manufacturers represented include: Anchor Darling, Crane, Ingersol Rand, Limitorque, Gimple, Fairbanks Morris, Westinghouse, General Electric and Terry.

For Sale:

Qty. 3: 3/4" Target Rock solenoid valve. 76P-51; DISC. VAL, M100, 3/4", FC, 00, CS, 4SW, AC. (Photos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Qty. 1: 1" Target Rock solenoid valve. 1032110-4-6-1; SA182-F316L material, 120VAC, .8 amps, entergize to open, fail closed; design perssure 1250 psig; design temperature 575°F; socketweld ends in accordance with drawings 1032110-4, Rev. T AND 76P-051, REVISION A. Was Safety Related but available NSR only. (Photos 1, 2)

Qty. 2: R.P. Adams model HDWS self-cleaning strainers. Located in the mid-west. Contact us with offer if interested. (Photos 1, 2) (1921)

Qty. 1: Cooper Bessemer KSV-12 Diesel Engine (KSV-12-T). Price includes load out on buyer's truck. (Photos 1, 2)

Qty. 2 : 16" Fisher 9200 (T-Seal) butterfly valves/ 480 series actuators; Weathered but unused. (123)

Qty. 1 : 1" Anchor Darling 600# pressure seal gate valve. Stainless Steel; Model 1-1U-90S; graphite seal ring. (Photo) (123)

Joy air compressor. WGOL-9. 8 X 7; used running take out. Max. pressure 100.0  PSIG  (6.81 atm, 689,530 Pa); power requirement :575 V. 60 Hz. 3 Phase; 25 hp. motor.

Unused Woodward PG-PL governor.  Part number 9903-226; 3-15 psi control air pressure. (Photos 1, 2, 3)

Beach Russ WS 30 rotary piston replacement.  Beach Russ went out of business a couple of years ago and replacement parts have become non-existent. This pump is designed to be a form, fit & function replacement. Fit will require slight changes in the bolting footprint to the skid (will have to move the bolt hole a few inches) and piping will need to re-plumbed a few inches to match up. This is to be the long tem fix to seal oil vac pump failures when using the high speed replacements that fail regularly in two years or less.   This direct replacement is designed to fit the existing skid and to bolt up to the original drive (direct driven w/ gear reducer).    

The original drive is under 300 rpm and the pump will move 33 cfm at that speed. Over 300 rpm will result in an increase to 44 cfm and 400 rpm will result in an increase to 50cfm. This replacement pump is designed using all American made components that are readily available and thus is repairable / maintainable by plant personnel. It uses sleeve bearings to eliminate the ball bearing failures experienced with the higher speed replacement pumps. This is based on the Kinney KS-27 which ran for years in this application. The bearings are changeable without opening the pump or removing the seals. That way maintenance can check the condition of the pump without tearing it down, so when maintenance is required, it can be scheduled prior to pump tear down. That results in parts being ordered and on site prior to tear down.

Summit Centrifugal End Suction Pump. Model 2196MTO with 75HP G.E. Motor; Size: 1.5 X  3-13; Dia.: 10, Mat'l D1/SS; Max. PSI: 150.  (Manual) (Photo)

Summit Centrifugal End Suction Pump. Model 2196MTO with 125HP H2333T Baldor Motor; Size: 1.5 X  3-13; Dia.: 10; Mat'l D1/SS; Max. PSI 150. (Photo) (Manual)

Carver 3 X 2 X 6 Low Flow Pump.  Model RS6-BAH-ABA-xxx; vertical split case; 9 stage; centrifugal; 200 gpm , 1155 TDH - No motor supplied on base. (Photo) (Manual)

Peerless Pump. Actual pump is a peerless, but no model number. Impeller size is 9.24. Motor is Brook Crompton 50 HP; 1DN,FR 326TS,PH 3,CLASS F, RATING CONT. 125A, IP 55, DE 6212C3, RPM 3555.

Oilwell Pump. Model C5860 WHT4710-30-30; 5X6R; Marathon 20HP motor. (Photo 1)

Hydra-Cell Diaphragm Pump. Model D35XACNCCEHA; 36 GPM; Baldor 15HP motor. (Photo)

Unused Fisher 657 Actuator.  Size 30; Operating Range: 3-15 psi; Travel : 3/4"; Bench test 3-15 psi; Actuator closes.

Unused Fisher 667 Actuator.  Size 40; Operating Range: 3-15 psi; Travel : 3/4"; Bench test 3-15 psi. Max allowable supply : 90.  Used but in excellent condition and functional.

Fisher Model 667 actuator.  Size 40; Travel: 3/4"; Operating Range: 3-15; Bench Set 3-15; Max.

LimitorqueSMB-2 operator with motor. 60 ft. lbs. torque. Unused.

Woodward EGB-13P reverse acting actuator. Core only.

Four unused Rockwell Univalve 1"1500# Stainless Steel Y-Pattern Globe stop valves.

Four unused Rockwell Univalve 3/4" 1500# Y-Pattern globe valves.

One unused Masoneilan Camflex II valve assembly.

Three unused Vogt 1-1/2", 800# CS swing check valves.

Four unused Vogt 1-1/2", 800# CS gate valves.

Twelve unused Velan, #W05-2074B-02TS, 1" 600#, CS globe valves; s.w. ends.

Falk Reducer
UNUSED Falk motor reducer 4APCD4-A-104.93; Output 16.68 RPM, L.S. Shaft down w/int O/R clutch-rotation per dwg. 239940, Assy. No. 5.; Oil capacity 3.5 gallons; Peak input torque 1200; Momentary Peak HP 33; Continuous load 6.00 HP; Continuous S.F. 1.25.

[Fisher-Porter Flow Meter]

Unused Fisher-Porter Magnetic Flow Meter
Part number 10D1419U
GE PN 137D7386P001

motor drive valves couplings


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